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Miller’s Outpost is a throw back to the old west when communities sprang up around an outpost. The miller was a man that turned your grains into flour so you could make delicious life sustaining bread. The outpost was far more than just a store. You would go to the outpost to get your essential grains and gear. You would also communicate with the outside world as well as socialize with your fellow citizens. The outpost became a hub that communities revolved around.

It is our goal to provide that kind of experience. Not only do we offer essential grains and urban / disaster survival gear. We also have experts in various fields to help with selection and use of these items. Our DVD section will have continuously updated “how to videos” to help educate you in many areas. We offer an affordable selection of products that we have tested and will show you excerpts from those test as well as product demonstrations.

So please join our community at the Miller’s Outpost by creating your Free account now!

Hurricanes and disaster preparedness
This hurricane season once more reminds us that natural disasters are a fact of life. As technologically advanced as we think we are, mother nature still has the last say in how our days turn out. Read More
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